The College Years: Character descriptions

Aunt Marti (Martha): Short, stylish.

Bryan Spencer (Todd’s Dad):  Tall, thinning blonde.

Cheyenne: Marti’s pottery friend, huge, copper skin, white hair.

Christy Juliet Miller: Long nutmeg brown hair almost reaching to her waist, blue-green eyes.

David Miller (Christy’s brother): 5 years younger than Christy, thick red hair.

Donna: Runs Rancho Corona bookstore, caramel skin, golden brown hair.

Doug: Little boy look, short sandy blonde hair.

Katie Weldon: Swishy red hair, flashing green eyes, energetic.

Matthew Kingsley: Friend from Wisconsin that comes to Rancho Corona, tall, slender, brown eyes.

Megan: Slim, energetic, blond, helps run “The Rock” youth hostel in Amsterdam.

Rick Doyle: Tall, dark wavy hair, chocolate brown eyes.

Sierra Jensen: Free-spirited, fun-loving, wild curly blonde hair, blue-gray eyes, unique style.

Todd Spencer: Screaming silver-blue eyes, short sun- kissed blond hair, solid jaw line, almost 3 years older than Christy.