The Christy Miller Collection: Character descriptions

Aunt Marti (Martha): Slim, stylish, in her forties.

Alissa Benson: Tall, thin, blonde hair fell to her waist.

Brittany: Thin, narrow face, high cheekbones, deep gray eyes, long wavy blonde hair.

Christy Juliet Miller: Blue-green eyes, nutmeg-brown hair, tall.

David Miller (Christy’s brother):  Appearance like father, 5 years younger than Christy.

Doug: Blonde hair, taller than Todd.

Heather: Thin, blonde hair.

Jaeson: Athletic build, short black hair, sharp facial features.

Janelle: “Wore her jet black, curly hair loose around her face, which made her look as if she’d just flown in from somewhere exotic.”

Jon: Thick black hair in a ponytail, rugged, earthly, late twenties.

Katie Weldon: Lively, athletic, “wore her hair straight thin copper-colored hair in a short blunt cut so it swished like an oriental fan,” bright green eyes.

Margaret Miller (Christy’s mom): Round, short, plump, not very stylish.

Michael: Fair skinned, dark haired, green eyes, from Belfast.

Norman Miller (Christy’s dad): Reddish hair, strong hands.

Paula: Straight blonde hair, medium height, well-proportioned.

Rick Doyle: Tall, wavy dark hair, 6ft. 2in. in book six, athletic build, brown eyes.

Sierra Jenson: Wild wavy caramel hair, freckled nose, unique style.

Teri: Long, wavy brown hair, Hispanic.

Todd Spencer: Bronzed face, strong square jaw, faint dimples, sun-washed blonde hair, short, sliver-blue eyes.

Tracy: Petite, shoulder-length light brown hair, heart-shaped face, sweet and innocent look.

Uncle Bob (Robert): Thick, brown hair or thinning blonde, looks younger than he is.